bukowina tatrzańska, noclegi, bukowina tatrzanska bukowina tatrzańska, noclegi, bukowina tatrzanska bukowina tatrzańska, noclegi, bukowina tatrzanska
bukowina tatrzańska, noclegi, bukowina tatrzanska bukowina tatrzańska, noclegi, bukowina tatrzanska bukowina tatrzańska, noclegi, bukowina tatrzanska
Dom Ludowy 
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Imprezy Kulturalne BCK 
Idzie Hyr  
Karnawał Góralski 2014 
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In our Community there are eight villages where 12.500 of people live. Our village Bukowina Tatrzanska is placed at the height 1000 m above sea level (one of the highest places in Poland ). From here you can admire the beautiful panorama of the Tatras.  

The house of Culture was built in 1928.  


The folk dance group ”Mali Wierchowianie” continues the traditions of the theatre of the Peasant Choir. It is active in presenting the folklore of Skalne Podhale. The adults perform in another group called  ”Wierchowianie”. ”Mali Wierchowianie” play, dance and sing on the stage of DOM LUDOWY giving pleasure to all the people as well as the guests of Bukowina Tatrzanska. It takes part in all the local feasts and holidays as well as in festivals in Poland and abroad. The group has achieved a number of awards and distinctions. Through their activities they make Bukowina Tatrzańska famous and familiarise people with the local folklore.  


The School of Old Yet Rare Professions Nowadays, of Folklore and Folk Art for children, youth and adults was founded in 1999 in the Culture Centre ”DOM LUDOWY”. There is also an educational centre for regional folk and theatre groups and for bands. They want to show the young generations those professions and their vanishing beauty.  This is done by education and looking for traditional roots of the Polish village. Children and youth from all over Poland can be taught old crafts and traditions by best local artists-teachers.  

The main folk events organised by ”DOM LUDOWY” are:  

·      ”The Highlanders Carnival (which has been taking place since 1973 during winter break) - a national competition for Christmas carollers groups, a competition of  outlaw highlanders’ dancing, a solo performance of dancing couples, a competition called „kumoterki” (horse-sledge racing), Skiring, Ski-Skiring, Special Occasion sledge parade  

·       A Meeting of Country Theatre Companies - organised annually in the first week of July  

·       ”The Sabala’s Chats (which has been taking place in the second week of August since 1967) –the all-Polish contest of story- tellers, instrumentalists, singers and wedding foreman’s speeches.  

            The accompanying events are: an exhibition of works by folk artists which is connected with the local fair, sampling of regional dishes, performances of folk groups from Poland and abroad. There are also some outdoor shows - for example ”The Sabala’s Night”, sledging cavalcade followed by the shepherd’s bonfire, fireworks and folk party.  

            We also organise Display of the Cultural Achievements of the Community, Easter Palm Competition and lots of other folk and cultural events.  

Now, we are looking for partners to work with the projects.  

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